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Thank you for your participation!

We appreciate the participation of the 140 organizations que se postularon en nuestra convocatoria.



Program goal

The objective of the program is to improve and expand the financial inclusion of the population over 60 years of age in Latin America and the Caribbean, through access to financial resources that will support innovative solutions (services and/or products and/or channels) focused on meeting the needs of this age group.

Benefits for program participants

General benefits

For financial intermediaries

For social innovators and leaders in aging topics

Key areas of interest

The proposed solutions must fall within one or more of the following thematic areas:

Adaptation of financial products and services
e.g. reverse mortgages, bare ownership, entrepreneurship loans, and microentrepreneurs over 60 years of age.
Adaptation of channels
to accommodate people with hearing, visual or motor disabilities, more prevalent in the elderly population.
Skills development
such as the acquisition of financial and digital capabilities by the elderly population.
Digital solutions
focused on security, protection against potential fraud or situations of financial abuse.
Other innovative models
focused on meeting the needs of the population over 60 years of age.
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Program duration

• The maximum implementation timeframe for each solution should not exceed 18 months. .
• The timeframe will be determined considering the work plan agreed with the German Sparkassenstiftung and the established metrics.

Key dates


Start of call for applications


New closing date

22.03.24 - 12.04.24

22.03.24 - 12.04.24

Abril - Mayo 2024

Abril - Mayo 2024

May 2024

Final selection
May 2024

May 2024

Results’ communication and subprojects’ kick-off
May 2024

May 2024 onwards

Projects implementation
May 2024 onwards
Dates are subject to change

Participating countries

• The "Silver Solutions Program" will be open for implementation in all Latin American and Caribbean countries benefiting from IDB resources.
In the case of the Caribbean, a call for proposals will be launched in English in 2024. However, English-speaking countries will also be able to submit their proposals in this call.


Banks, microfinance institutions, savings cooperatives, financial technology companies (Fintechs) and other entities that provide financial services including insurance companies or pension funds; as well as social innovators and leaders in the field of aging such as specialized start-ups, foundations, think tanks, civil society organizations, business and banking associations, philanthropic entities and other public and private actors that promote the financial inclusion of people over 60 can participate.

The "Silver Solutions" program will be open for implementation in all countries in Latin America and the Caribbean that are beneficiaries of IDB resources.

a) Innovations from the supply side can participate such as:

  • Product adaptations: e.g. differentiated passwords and transactions for the 60+ account holder and his or her caregivers.
  • Development of services such as reverse mortgages and credit products that recognize work experience as a risk mitigator.
  • Adaptations to communication or transaction channels for people over 60, for example: adaptations for people with hearing, visual or mobility disabilities.

b) Innovations that address the demand side, such as innovations that enable:

  • The development of digital capabilities and skills of the population over 60.
  • Solutions and programs to prevent extortion and financial fraud.

c) As well as other innovative models that meet the needs of the population over 60 years of age.

Priority will be given to innovations that facilitate the inclusion of the unserved or underserved population, as well as the low-income and vulnerable population, micro or small business entrepreneurs, women and those aimed at people with disabilities.

All types of proposals and solutions aimed at improving financial services and products for people over 60 can participate, including those aimed at established entrepreneurs over 60.

Yes, you can participate. In this project we will work to link you with a social innovation actor that has a proposal to improve products and services aimed at people over 60. For this we will carry out co-creation sessions (informative meetings, presentation and matching). 

Yes, existing collaborative proposals can participate, especially if they meet the scalability criterion, that is, if they do not have limitations for their mainstreaming.

The selected initiatives will be eligible to receive a maximum of US$65,000 with at least an equal amount of counterpart resources.

Financial Institutions and/or Social Innovators will be able to submit their proposals until February 18, 2024. During February 2024, we will hold co-creation sessions to match Financial Institutions with a social innovator and thus make a pre-selection of initiatives. On March 31, we will make the final selection and implementation will take place from April 2024. The maximum implementation time should not exceed 18 months.

Complete the electronic form and attach a document describing your proposal which must contain a brief description of the proponent or company, description of the initiative and expected benefits, alignment with thematic axes, general work plan, implementation budget, measurement and progress metrics, target number of beneficiaries and track record of the proponent team/company.

Answer the questions on the form https://finanzasplateadas.dsik.la/iniciativas/convocatoria-soluciones-plateadas/ and do not forget to attach a document with your proposal.